Printable Christmas Presents Target with Points AND Without!
Printable Christmas Presents Target with Points AND Without!

Printable Christmas Presents Target with Points AND Without!

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*Watermark is present in product photos only, and is removed in your downloaded files.

Have fun refining your targeting, while staying festive!

A 8.5"x11" (standard printer paper size) practice target you can print at home for the holidays! You get both versions - with point values and without in pdf format. All components are precisely sized as follows:

10 pts Presents = 3" Block
20 pts Presents = 2" Block
30 pts Presents = 1" Block
40 pts Presents = 3/4" Star
50 pts Presents = 1/2" Star

You will be sent an automatic email with the download link as soon as you complete your order. The link will give you access to 2 pdf files, one showing the point values and one without point values. The watermark will also be removed in your downloadable files. 

This target has a 1/2" bleed, meaning that all target items are inside 1/2" margins, while the green background color extends to the full 8.5"x11" size. Note that most printers do not print all the way to the edge, so when you print, you will likely have a white margin which is why all target items are within 1/2" margins. This is normal, and is a function of most home printer machines.

Please note that if you do not print the image at its full size, you may change the sizes of the target items. The target should still look correct, but the individual items may be smaller than the above stated sizes. Should your computer flash a warning along the lines of 'some cropping may occur' just say 'yes'. The cropping should be simply the green color along the 1/2" margin, and will not affect the actual target items.

Please note that due to their downloadable nature, I do not offer returns on digital items, but should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to shoot ;) an email or phone call on over.