I'm A Lady

And You'll never guess what I'm Packing

I'm A Lady

And I don't have to prove a thing
Padded Womens Range Bag in Regal Purple by CIA LadyPadded Womens Range Bag in Powder Pink by CIA LadyPadded Womens Range Bag in Baby Blue by CIA Lady

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Women's Range Bags

Available in 3 colors! Super functional, but also cute and feminine. It's about time women's range bags still let us feel like Ladies

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Check out everything that fits in your CIA Lady Women's Range Bag!

  • Watch 500 rounds of various calibers go into those front pockets
  • Eyes and Ears BOTH fit into that right side pocket
  • Water Bottle pops into that left side pocket
  • And you won't believe what goes into the main compartment!
EVERYTHING you see go into that bag is ACTUALLY in that bag for the entire video. I took NOTHING out!

Why CIA Lady? Cuz I'm A Lady... That's Why!

Whether you're new to firearms or an experienced hand, women should be able to have a functional, but still feminine women's range bag. After finding the options for women's range and gun bags to be severely limited (and some of them downright ugly), I set out to make a bag for both myself, and the women in my family who wanted the same thing. I figured if this is what we wanted, all the rest of my Ladies out there would want one too! That's how CIA Lady (Cuz I'm A Lady) was born. :D

Why do I get a cute bag?

Cuz I'm A Lady... THAT's Why!

Hey Ladies! Whether you're new to all this, or an experienced hand, our CIA Lady Women's Range Bags are great for taking all our gear to the range for that live fire practice and still feeling like a Lady!

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