Padded Womens Range Bag in Baby Blue by CIA Lady
Padded Womens Range Bag in Baby Blue by CIA Lady
Padded Womens Range Bag in Baby Blue by CIA Lady
Padded Womens Range Bag in Baby Blue by CIA Lady
Padded Womens Range Bag in Baby Blue by CIA Lady
Padded Womens Range Bag in Baby Blue by CIA Lady
Padded Womens Range Bag in Baby Blue by CIA Lady

Padded Womens Range Bag in Baby Blue by CIA Lady

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Watch How Much You Can Fit in a CIA Lady Range Bag!

Everything you see go into that bag is ACTUALLY IN that bag! We took nothing out while filming the vid!


I designed my CIA Lady Women's Range Bag because I wanted a functional range bag that also had some feminine style. Check out the video to see everything that fits. Literally everything you see go in the bag is actually inside the bag. I took nothing out! I designed my bags to hold a ton of stuff both comfortably and organized, but still have style.

Exterior Measurements (includes pouches): Approx 16.5" wide x 7" deep x 10.5" high
Interior Measurements: Approx 14" wide x 6" deep x 10" high

  • Eyes and Ears BOTH fit in one side pocket
  • Put a water bottle in the other side pocket
  • Interior velcro adjustable and removable divider
  • Interior zipper pouch on one side AND a sleeve pocket on the other
  • Huge front pockets - Watch the video above to see 500 rounds pop in!
  • Duffle bag style padded grip handles velcro together for easy hand carry
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • MOLLE straps all over the back and on the two side pouches, AND a Velcro attachment for those Morale Patches
  • Durable 900D Polyester

Ladies, we all know our bags are personal to us, and if we're carrying a range bag that is VERY clearly designed for guys (ahem almost every range bag out there), it tends to feel awkward and disjointed.

At the same time function is SUPER important. If a Women's Range Bag can't hold all the standard stuff, what's the point?

Whether you're new to all this, or an experienced hand, CIA Lady Women's Range Bags are great for taking all our gear to the range for that live fire practice. After all, not only is it dang fun, but the more you practice, the better and more confident you'll be with your firearm(s). Also, did I mention it was fun? ;)

The padded interior of my CIA Lady Range Bag is large and roomy, and has a double zipper opening with a connecting loop which enable one pull opening/closing of the bag. I have to admit, I love this feature!

There's also a removable velcro divider which allows you to customize the interior size to your needs. There's a flush zippered pocket on one side that runs the length of the interior, and a flat, open pouch on the other side. I find these useful for all manner of things, from small tools to knives, small targets, pads, etc.

The pouches on either end of our CIA Lady Range Bag are also an absolutely fantastic size! I like to put my eyes and ears (hearing and eye protection) in one side, and my water bottle in the other. It's big and tall enough to fit all kinds of things though, from small binoculars for that long distance precision practice (or for those of us nearsighted folks that can't quite see what we're hitting at 7 yards lol), tools or anything else tall and bulky you want to shove in there. 

The two front pouches are no slouch either. Both roomier than you'd think from the outside. From ammo to your wallet, these will fit all kinds of bulky items and the added bonus is that with separate pouches, it's MUCH easier to keep everything organized. 

Finally, the addition of MOLLE straps along the back side of the bag make it very easy to customize with any add-ons you might want. I carry this bag myself (but I won't tell you which color lol), and I love both the functionality and the style.

After all, Why do I get a special bag? Cuz I'm A Lady... That's why! ;-)

*Note that any items shown in the bag, such as targets, are not included with the bag. They are merely pictured to help give a sense of the interior.