We've been starting to get feedback from all you amazing Ladies! Thank you so so much for your feedback. This was a scary thing for me to start, and I can't tell you how much it means to me, and how big a smile it brings to my face, to hear that you love the bag! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

If you'd like to send us your testimonial, please shoot (pun intended :) us an email, and we'll be excited to add it to this page!


"I absolutely love this bag! Even my brothers were impressed!"

C from SD

"I can't believe how much this bag fits and organizes! OMG I've got room to spare and everything's easy to get to!"

B from CO


"I LOVE that I get my eyes and ears in just one of those side pockets! Brilliantly designed!"

A from CO

"Best Bag Ever!"

-J from CO

"You clearly put a ton of thought into this bag. Thank you so much!"

-S from CO

"Yay for a purple bag that actually looks good!"

-L from CO

"Anyone reading this - you NEED to buy this bag. Elizabeth put so much thought into designing a smart bag that not only looks good, but holds a LOT. Buy it, you won't regret it."

-A from CO

"The range bag was a big hit! The girls loved it!"

-K from CO