Who The Heck Are We? The CIA Lady Story

Who The Heck Are We? The CIA Lady Story

CIA Lady all started when I, and three other female members of my family, were trying to find Women's Range Bags. No matter how hard we looked, nothing we found was functional while being feminine. There did seem to be a few attempts, but honestly, most of the options were... unfortunate, to put it mildly. One of the bags I tried was too short, both in length and height. This meant I couldn't fit half the stuff I needed. I tried another one, but it was so clearly designed for men, that while it was functional, I didn't feel like myself when carrying it. 

Finally I decided that since I couldn't find a bag, I was going to do what my incredibly innovative abuela (grandmother) and my very creative mother always taught me to do. I was going to solve the problem myself, and not wait on someone else to do it.

I began designing a bag that I wanted myself, both for functionality and that I would feel like a woman while carrying. After all, Ladies, we all know how very personal our bags can be.

Next I knew I needed a name and a website, and as we all know, a lot of those URL's are long gone. So as I hunted for both a name and a URL, I was suddenly struck with inspiration. Why do I want a special bag? Cuz, I'm a Lady, THAT'S why. CIA Lady was born.

Next came the logo, which I designed after much prayer. I love the inspiration I was given, and hope you do as well!

Now we reach the end of the story which is getting the actual bags. Yes there's a process, and it's more complex than you might think. I definitely won't bore you all with those details, but let's just say I had a spreadsheet going with all the manufacturers I contacted. lol

Now at the current end of the process, we have actual bags and everything is coming together. We also have ideas for a expanding our line so stay tuned! I hope you love them as much as I do, and that you'll love being a CIA Lady! :D

-Elizabeth (Owner and Founder)

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