Exciting News! Morale Patches are Coming!

Exciting News! Morale Patches are Coming!

Celebrate! I've just sent designs for 6 different morale patches to production! Now available for Pre-Order!

What are morale patches you ask?
(I'll tell you a secret - I had to ask the first time I heard about them, too lol)
Morale Patches are basically velcro patches that you can attach to that very convenient 2x4 slot on the back of your new CIA Lady bag! They can really be anything you want them to be, from tongue in cheek fun to patches declaring support for a group or organization. 

What patches is CIA Lady making?
I noticed there were little to no patches out there with holiday themes. I don't know about you, but I love decorating for the seasons, and I kinda wanted a patch for my bag for Christmas. I got so into it, I ended up making 4 for Christmas. lol Also yes, the one pictured is one of those. :D

I also will have one with an autumn theme that says 'Blessed' and Zombie one that is not only great for Halloween, but will also work year round, and is even one I think the guys will enjoy too!

What size are they?
All of them are sized to be 2"x4" to fit perfectly on any CIA Lady bag. :)

Can I get a discount if I want all of them?
Yes! A 25% off discount will be automatically applied in the cart when you order 5 or more patches. If you want several of the same design, the discount WILL apply. For example, if you wanted 2 Zombies a Blessed, and Christmas one, you'd get the discount. :)

When do you expect to have them?
We expect to receive them the 2nd week of November. If you place a pre-order and the time frame changes, we will notify you of the change. Otherwise expect us to send out your patches as soon as we receive them. :)

Have any questions not already answered here? Please feel free to shoot ;-) an email via the contact form!

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