What's The Deal With The Logo?

What's The Deal With The Logo?

This story may be a bit more out there for folks, but bear with me. :)

I have a rather diverse background and a family member pointed out to me that I should look for a power animal for the logo. Now for those of you not familiar with this concept, you can think of it in these simple terms. Every animal represents an archetype of a certain quality or energy. You can think of the animal as a symbol, if that makes sense, and like any good symbol, one look at it conveys volumes.

Anyway, I took the advice to seek one out and the Butterfly was what came forward. Initially I wasn't certain how Butterfly integrated with shooting sports and women's range bags, but then I realized that not only does it carry the feminine energy, but when they transform from a Caterpillar, the Butterfly actually undergoes a complete metamorphosis, right down to their DNA expression. What better representation for all us Ladies getting into, or those already in, shooting sports than beauty and metamorphosis!

I started playing with drawings of Butterflies, and while changing a lot of different things, I noticed that there was a preset heart shape in Photoshop. I played with that and quickly found it made a perfect wing. I can't tell you just how happy I was about that, because I feel that love and joy should always go out in any product I sell. So if you hadn't already caught it, CIA Lady Butterfly wings are actually hearts!

Finally that bullet as the body was a stroke of genius suggested by my mother. Thank you mom! As soon as I put it in there, it was so clear that this was my logo, and I can't say how much I love it! I hope that all of you will love it as well, not just for the logo, but because of everything the CIA Lady brand represents.

Thank you everyone!

-Elizabeth (Owner and Founder)

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